Study by Subject

Sometimes you may not want or need to do a full qualification but instead just want to complete one or more specific subjects that might be taken from a particular qualification or from several qualifications.

Alternatively, you may need a full qualification still but would prefer to enrol subject by subject rather than committing to an entire qualification upfront.

Either way, Study by Subject will allow you to:

  • Take up to three months per subject, with no tight full course deadlines*
  • Only pay for and start your next subject when it suits you
  • Complete subjects in the order that best suits your needs**
  • Pick and choose from subjects across all our qualifications, not just one
  • Don’t pay for subjects you don’t want or need or don’t get around to doing
  • If you change your mind, you are not locked into a full qualification or a payment plan, meaning you can exit without any further cost.
  • Still have access to the same support with Live Chat and Live Classes hosted by Australian-based industry experienced practitioners.

* The regulator periodically updates qualifications, putting the prior version into a train-out period of 12 or more months. If that occurred and you were still wanting to attain the original version of the qualification, you would need to complete your remaining subjects within the train-out period.

** If there are any pre-requisites, you may need to do some subjects in a certain order, but this does not occur very often, and we will make it clear where it is applicable


We are creating an automated online process for this (April 2022), but in the meantime, please enrol via our Course Consultants. Please click here to apply.