Frequently Asked Questions


About Australis College & our courses

Our programs are authored by teams of experienced practitioners, based on industry input, and continuously updated. Delivery is via an engaging online environment which may include links, live chat, live classrooms, videos and downloadable tools. Training and assessing is done by Australian industry experienced practitioners with real-world experience. (No offshoring to people who haven’t even worked in the industry)

Yes, we are a Registered Training Organisation (31518) license to deliver a wide range of nationally recognised Units, Skill Sets, Certificates and Diplomas. In addition, our courses have been accredited and/or recognised by various Industry Associations, Employer Groups and Universities.

Some courses require you to complete a certain number of hours of practical placement (work experience) to obtain your qualification. The requirements vary between courses so please refer to the specific course you are interested in for more details.

Our courses are primarily delivered online, which usually includes live chat and inbox messaging. Some courses do require attendance at face to face sessions. For full details please refer to the relevant course information pages.

One of the best things about studying online is flexibility, with the ability to undertake your study at times to suit you. However, you still have a set enrolment duration (which varies depending on the course), so you need to schedule your study to complete within those course durations.

It depends on how much time you commit to your study and whether you have any existing knowledge. Many students complete faster than the official duration, and all students should be able to comfortably finish within the official duration. We do, however, understand that life can sometimes get in the way, so if your enrolment does expire before you graduate, there are usually discounted re-enrolment options available. This varies depending on the course and funding options used and is not always available.

Support & getting the most from your course

Most courses have multiple options for paying tuition fees.

Please note, for any option involving debt and repayments, we recommend you first obtain personal advice from an appropriately licensed financial expert.

Online Skills Assessment & LLN

LLN is ‘Language, Literacy and Numeracy’, which are core skills you will need to complete your course.

For some applicants it will be necessary to undertake an LLN test to:

  • Determine your suitability for the course that you have selected.
  • Assist Australis College to identify any additional support or preparatory skills you may require.

It is simply a series of questions to determine your skill level in the areas of reading and numeracy.

As an RTO (Registered Training Organisation) we are committed to ensuring we provide you with the best chance of success in your course.

The results of the Skills Assessment allow us to see if there are any areas where you may require extra support, either as part of your own preparation for commencing study, or additional support to be provided as you move through your course.

No, there is no fee for completing this assessment as part of the application process.

If you are required to complete the Skills Assessment you will be sent a link and log on details. Please note you will need to access a computer to complete the Skills Assessment.

The Skills Assessment for both Numeracy and Reading may take up to 1.5 hours, but there is no time limit.

You can also attempt questions, save your answers and come back to review your attempt later.

Remember – the quicker you get through the Skills Assessment, the quicker we can process your results and have you start your course.
You may notice that the questions become progressively harder.

Remember – This is not designed to make you feel bad, or stress you, but to assess your maximum skills level.

Everybody gets some of the questions wrong!

Remember – The questions you get right are used to determine your reading and numeracy level. None of the Australis College courses requires you to get all of the questions correct.

You will receive an email report of your Skills Assessment results and the Australis College Student Support team will contact you to discuss the next steps.

We will go through the results with you to explain where there may be gaps.

You will have a copy of the Skills Assessment results which you will be able to take with you to any other training provider. It is up to the other provider to tell you whether they will accept the report you have already generated.

If you can’t locate your Senior Secondary Certificate of Education, you can contact the curriculum authority in your state or territory.

Contact details are below:

State Name of Company Website Phone Number Approx Cost
QLD QCAA – Qld Curriculum & Assessment Authority Click to visit website 07 3864 0299 $29.80
NSW BOSTES – Board of Studies Teaching & Education Standards Click to visit website 02 9367 8111 $42.50
VIC VCAAA – Victorian Curriculum & Assessment Authority Click to visit website 03 9032 1700 $28.75
SA SACE – South Australian Certificate of Education Click to visit website 08 8204 8791 $40.00
NT NT Government – Dept of Education Click to visit website 08 8944 9204 $25 – $30
TAS TASC – Tasmanian Assessment, Standards & Certification Click to visit website 03 6165 6000 $14.80
WA School Curriculum & Standards Authority Click to visit website 08 9273 6794 $32.00